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65 LBS 21.5" TALL​

Daughter of Reign & Mateo, Maple is simply  gorgeous. One glance and you see she is everything the AKC states an ideal golden retriever should be.

"A symmetrical and powerful build with a pleasant, kindly expression."

An all around perfect golden, she loves and adores everyone and assumes that everyone loves and adores her back!  She is both very intelligent and willing to please.  Like most golden retrievers, Maple’s obedience is motivated by food (especially freeze-dried chicken).
Maple has a very mellow nature that is trusted to be appropriately soft with and obedient to small children as they play together.  Even her youngest human (2 years old) can say “come on Maple” and Maple will obediently follow her to their next adventure.
Maple is very in tune to people’s emotions.  She will lay her head in a child’s lap when they are sad, trying to cheer them up.
When things around the house settle down, Maple is also content to just lay on the couch being a regular old family dog (though be warned – if you try to sit on the couch as well, she WILL snuggle up to you for scratches!)




73 LBS 23" TALL

We love Juniper. Both her parents come from amazing international pedigrees. They are smart wonderful dogs that love any and all types of adventure and play. Juniper is built like her sire, strong and solid. She has a very beautiful face with a pleasing soft expression and kind sweet eyes. 

She loves adventures, especially when she's with her 2 doggie sisters and family. She is smart, listens and trains well. 



60 LBS 23" TALL

Lhotse, is a true gem and the world’s sweetest dog. She loves people and lives for human interaction. 
Anyone who meets her goes on and on about how beautiful, well behaved and sweet she is. She spends her days playing with her human 1 yr old sister and 3 yr old brother who adore her! She is so patient with the baby who will “inspect” her eyes and all of her teeth, steal toys from her mouth and crawl all over her. Lhotse and her 1yr old sister follow each other around all day and sit right on one another because they want to be right with their best buddy. She loves to go on walks and hikes with her family, play fetch, and do tricks. Her family loves her so much and can’t imagine life without her!




65 LBS 21" TALL
Maggie is a Lincoln daughter. She has many of his fine wonderful characteristics. Maggie's mother is a dock diving champion, very athletic, strong and fast. 
Like her mother Maggie is built to move and has a smaller frame. She loves to run and chase after the ball clearing with ease any obstacle that comes her way.
She loves hiking, going on walks and playing in the park. She enjoys playing with other dogs and even the neighbors cat. Like most golden retrievers Maggie loves to play hard but knows when to be soft and gentle.
Maggie is obedient and very smart. Everyone who meets Maggie falls in love with her sweet loving personality. She is always happy to see you and brightens even our hardest days. We are so thankful to have Maggie as a part of our family. We can’t wait to see her be an amazing momma to her puppies.




65 LBS 21" TALL
Phoebe is the beautiful daughter of
Sunny & Bowie. 

Phoebe is a delight! She loves meeting people and makes friends wherever she goes. But nothing makes Phoebe happier than being with family. Affectionate and cuddly at home, Phoebe is also an adventurous soul who enjoys swimming, trail running, and romping through the snow. Phoebe is eager to please, remarkably beautiful, and radiates pure joy. We adore her!



65 LBS 21" TALL

Daughter of ROSIE & LINCOLN and full sister to Lhotse and Nova. (Jade is the grandmother to these beauties). We love the Rosie x Lincoln pairing for many reasons, top 2 reasons: they have been such great companions for their families and they all have hearts of gold. 

Like her sisters Nora is simply a wonderful girl. She is pure sweetness, loves adventure and going on hikes & car rides and is kind to everyone she meets. 

Nora is a great mix of fun playfulness and calm.

She loves to please and is very smart & obedient, reminds us of her grandma Jade. 

She has a beautiful blocky head and a moderate sized build. Her light medium golden colored coat is silky soft and thick. 




65 LBS 21" TALL
Hazel a Reign x Pedro daughter, is the perfect combination of sweet, loving and playful. She loves to tease her dog sister with balls and other toys to get her to chase her. She’s very adventurous and loves being outside: walks, hikes and swimming and does great walking right next to you no pulling. Hazel is So unbelievably smart and sassy she knows many tricks and knows how to get a treat and what she can get away with and has definitely mastered the puppy dog eyes when she wants something. She absolutely loves people of all ages and is so gentle around them and calm. She also has to say hello to every dog we pass and is always trying to play with the cats and is so gentle with them as well. She’s the cuddliest dog I’ve ever met always demanding someone to pet her or snuggle her. She loves watching tv specially when there’s other animals on there she barks and wags her tail. Her favorite thing is being snuggled up next to you on the couch with a blanket watching a movie or playing with her dog sister. 



65 LBS 21" TALL

Daughter of Bella and Lincoln, Tilley is a great mix of both her parents. She is Ginger's granddaughter and for that has a special place in our hearts. She reminds us of Ginger when she was young. Full of energy and love of all things nature. Tilley loves to be outside, where she can explore and discover.  She loves hiking, in fact her backyard faces a mountain. She lives in a guardian home a few miles away. Her family adores her, her guardian parents are retired, they also have a swiss mountain dog named Hazel. Tilley and Hazel are great friends and do everything together.

Tilley like Ginger loves the water, she gets along well with any and all dogs. She is playful, confident, curious and loves to please. She has a silky soft medium golden colored coat. Athletic build and is moderately sized. 

outgoing friendly playful

281A2491 2.heic

75 LBS 21" TALL

Maple ll aka Maple Syrup is the beautiful daughter of Kauai and Lincoln. We have been obsessed with this pairing. The pups have been phenomenal, from their blocky builds to their lively fun bouncy personalities, we are ecstatic to have Maple in our program. 



73 LBS and 22" TALL

Nova is a Rosie x Lincoln daughter.  She weighs 73 lbs and is 22 inches tall, and her family wonders if a few of those pounds are her amazing plush coat!  From the time she was a young pup, Nova has been amazingly calm and well behaved.  She is obedient and extremely smart and seems to listen to and understand her human family on a very advanced level. Nova loves going on walks, swimming in the pond, and playing with other dogs, kids, and even the cat.  Nova is adored by all who meet her, and we are excited for her to pass on some of her amazing characteristics as a Sunnyside Goldens queen.

Scherbel by RaDawn Photography.jpeg




60 LBS and 21" TALL

Willow is the beautiful daughter of Reign and Mateo. She has a wonderful fun pleasing personality. She is always so happy, loves attention and affection. 




70 LBS and 21" TALL

One of our most beautiful females is Angel. She is the 3rd generation of lines we have produced and raised. The daughter of Lhotse and Toby, her grandmother is Rosie and great grandmother is Jade. All the grandsires in her pedigree are equally impressive and amazing. 

We LOVE everything about Angel, her lively playful personality is so much fun. She is so smart and like her g grandma Jade is the best adventure girl. She loves to be on the go, by your side. She easily makes new friends with everyone including any and all dogs. 

Her guardian dad adores her, loves to spoil her taking her on multiple daily walks/hikes and feeding her the best foods. From the moment he met her he knew she was his "Angel", she helps him overcome difficult daily challenges, he is so grateful for her companionship.

Angel has many excellent qualities and desirable physical traits that make her an excellent representation of the golden retriever breed standard. 

We are so excited to have her be a part of our program and to continue her excellent legacy. 




70 LBS and 21" TALL

We are excited to add Memphis to our program. She is the beautiful daughter of Scarlett x Jake. 

Memphis is smart, intuitive, playful, loves to hike and go on adventures with Jason her guardian. She is his best friend they have an incredible bond and friendship. 

Memphis is athletic, she loves the water and loves to compete and play fetch with other dogs. 

She is easy going when it's time to relax and outgoing when it's time to play. 

She has a beautiful shiny dark red thick coat and is moderately sized. 




55 LBS and 20" TALL

Luna is a cousin to Maple Syrup. Her mom and Maple's mom are littermates and sisters. We love this pedigree, some of the prettiest dogs are from this lineage. We are excited to have Luna in our program.

For the breed standard she has a smaller more compact frame. She has a very sweet loving personality. She is gentle around children, they love and adore her. 

Luna loves adventure, she loves to play in water, gets along well with other dogs and has an amazing personality and temperament. 




55 LBS and 20" TALL

We are excited to add MYA to our program. She is the littermate and sister to Luna. She is a sweetheart, very gentle and loving with everyone she meets.


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