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75 LBS 24" TALL 

This amazing boy stands at 24 inches tall and exemplifies the breed standard with correct structure and physical performance. Lincoln draws attention everywhere he goes with his jet black pigment, breathtaking movement, gorgeous head, thick plush coat, short strong back and stunning outline.

Lincoln cruised through his canine citizen class with ease and has been given his Canine Good Citizen title.

Most important about Lincoln is his love for life and gentleness with people. Lincoln adores his family. He has a  happy go lucky, fun loving personality. 

He is a joy to train and has a wonderful temperament.

Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Eyes Clear, Heart Normal. Genetic disease panel clear.

  • genetic & health testing 

  • OFA heart, hips, elbows, eyes





70 lbs 24"Tall 

If you've been following the last couple years then you know all about Bo Bo pants Bowie. He's one cool dude with a whole lot of personality and groove. Everywhere he goes, people fall in love with him. He is confident, smart, goofy, laid back, obedient, snuggly and loves his human girl Melissa with all his heart and soul. 

Once you get past his jaw-dropping beauty you realize Bowie is a real sweet tender hearted boy. He loves to go on walks, is curious to know about every animal he sees, loves to play and wrestle with friends, loves to swim in rivers and lakes, loves road trips and fun outdoor adventures. His best friend is a 3lb holland lop bunny named Bun. Bun and Bowie will play for hours. 

Watching Bowie run and move is like watching a performer take the stage. He has a regal gait, stands tall and proud. He has a real nice square blocky build and head. His face has a soft expression that melts our heart. Love the color of his coat and it's soft silky shine. He has a gorgeous mane and beautiful feathers. 

Bowie loves to fetch but if he's playing with other dogs he loves the run and chase part but lets the other competitive dogs retrieve the ball. 

  • CLEAR on genetic health testing

  • PENNhip, OFA elbows normal, heart and eyes.




"An incredible all around most amazing golden, the kind of dog you want to take with you everywhere you go."

Legend stands 24 inches tall at the withers, has a lean muscular strong build and beautiful blocky head. He has inherited a gorgeous show coat that is plush, silky soft, straight with gorgeous feathers. 

He has a darling sweet easy going personality. He loves to play, romp around, swim, play fetch, explore and gets along beautifully with dogs of all breeds and ages. He loves his family, is very loyal, affectionate and sweet to all people young and old. 

Very grateful to have Legend a part of our program, his offspring will inherit his many wonderful characteristics and traits. 

  • CLEAR on genetic health testing

  • OFA hips, elbows, heart, and eyes.



Every once in a while a dog will come into your life and change your life forever. These are once in a lifetime dogs. Their impact will forever be remembered for generations to come. True gifts of wonder, love, companionship and loyalty.

Duke is a once in a lifetime dog. He is the most stunning boy and a sight to behold. You will never meet a more handsome golden!!!!

Duke is a dream come true.

He has a fun loving sweet personality and is a joy to be around. Whether he is going on car rides, sitting next to you on the couch, running and chasing after a ball or jumping feet first into the water, he loves being your best friend.  He has a strong drive, is built for strength, intelligent and loves overcoming any obstacle or challenge. 

He has a kind expressive face with gentle soft eyes. Has a very biddable pleasing temperament, well proportioned and square build, moderate size. You will have a hard time finding a more perfect boy. 

Duke has a gorgeous THICK soft silky shiny coat inherited by the many show champions in his pedigree. 

He is just the BEST BOY, we are so grateful to have him in our program!!!

  • CLEAR on genetic health testing

  • OFA hip, elbows, heart and eyes.






78 LBS 24"TALL

This sweet boy is our 2023 new addition. If he looks familiar, it's because he has many gorgeous cousins running around stopping traffic everywhere they go. To say we love his pedigree is an understatement. Kauai and Sophie are his aunts. His mom is a beauty and his sire with many honorifics to his name is also known to stop people in their tracks.

Sundance is one cool cat!!! He is a charmer and in an instant will become your best friend, happy and ready to go on any fun adventure. 

He has a beautiful light golden silky soft plush thick straight coat. Gorgeous strong athletic build, has a wonderful show gait, it's fun to watch him prance around. He is so handsome, eager to please, fun to train, smart and has so much love to give. 


We are so excited for SUNDANCE to be a part of our program, his offspring will inherit his many wonderful characteristics and traits. 

  • CLEAR on genetic health testing

  • OFA hips, elbows, heart, and eyes.




Bruno is owned by an outside breeder we work closely with. 

We are so in love with this big blocky fun loving boy who loves belly scratches more than anything. We are so grateful and excited to have some litters planned. 


Bruno is built for strength but his finest quality is his adorable sweet friendly happy CALM temperament. He is a big teddy bear, so fun to be around, very biddable, smart, loves affection and wants to be your best friend. 

He has kind expressive gentle soft eyes. He is very evenly proportioned, moderate size and is an exemplary representation of the golden retriever breed standard. 


He has a THICK soft silky shiny gorgeous coat inherited by the many show champions in his pedigree. 

  • CLEAR on genetic health testing

  • OFA hips, elbows, heart, and eyes.

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