75 LBS 24" TALL 

This amazing boy stands at 24 inches tall and exemplifies the breed standard with correct structure and physical performance. Lincoln draws attention everywhere he goes with his jet black pigment, breathtaking movement, gorgeous head, thick plush coat, short strong back and stunning outline.

Lincoln cruised through his canine citizen class with ease and has been given his Canine Good Citizen title.

Most important about Lincoln is his love for life and gentleness with people. Lincoln adores his family. He has a  happy go lucky, fun loving personality. 

He is a joy to train and has a wonderful temperament.

Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Eyes Clear, Heart Normal. Genetic disease panel clear.

  • genetic & health testing 

  • OFA heart, hips, elbows, eyes



78 lbs 24"Tall 

We're so excited to introduce this special boy into our program beginning late 2021. He is everything we could have dreamed of having in one beautiful stud. From his sweet, loving, gentle personality to his stunning physical conformation. Toby is a a gorgeous representation of the golden retriever breed standard. We love his beautiful thick plush show coat that is perfect in every aspect.

Toby comes from an incredible international and American show pedigree that we are proud and honored to represent.

Toby lives with a wonderful family who have raised many golden retrievers over the years. He loves his 2x daily walks and romps in the mountains above his home. His favorite thing is to go to work with his dad and wrestle with his golden retriever brother Tucker. 

You can be sure that anywhere Toby goes he makes lots of friends, people love him and he loves getting all the attention. He is very affectionate, loves hugs, kisses and belly scratches.   

  • CLEAR on genetic and health testing

  • OFA PRELIM hips, PRELIM elbows, heart, and eyes.



72 LBS 23" TALL 

After years and months of waiting and working with a fabulous breeder we are proud to introduce Maverick. Maverick is owned by a partner breeder we work closely with. Finding a gorgeous golden retriever with a brilliant dark red coat, beautiful solid bone structure that came from an exceptional well crafted pedigree is no joke. It's like finding a needle in a haystack but WE DID IT!!!! 

We are so in love with this big blocky fun loving boy. It's awesome to see him in action. The way he points when he is watching something intriguing to the way he springs forward when playing fetch. Maverick has a strong drive, he is built for strength. 

Everywhere Maverick goes he draws attention. He has a kind expressive face with gentle soft eyes. He is very well proportioned, moderate size and is an exemplary representation of the golden retriever breed standard. 

He has a THICK soft silky shiny gorgeous coat inherited by the many show champions in his pedigree. 

Maverick lives with the most amazing guardian family. They are so in love with this sweet boy. He spends most his time by their side, driving in the car or searching out the coolest dog park or nature path. Maverick is so spoiled by their love and devotion to him. His instagram account is a riot to follow. @maverick.wonderdog

  • CLEAR on all DNA and HEALTH related testing

  • OFA for hips (prelim GOOD), elbows, heart and eyes




70 lbs 24"Tall 

If you've been following the last couple years then you know all about Bo Bo pants Bowie. He's one cool dude with a whole lot of personality and groove. Everywhere he goes, people fall in love with him. He is confident, smart, goofy, laid back, obedient, snuggly and loves his human girl Melissa with all his heart and soul. 

Once you get past his jaw-dropping beauty you realize Bowie is a real sweet tender hearted boy. He loves to go on walks, is curious to know about every animal he sees, loves to play and wrestle with friends, loves to swim in rivers and lakes, loves road trips and fun outdoor adventures. His best friend is a 3lb holland lop bunny named Bun. Bun and Bowie will play for hours. 

Watching Bowie run and move is like watching a performer take the stage. He has a regal gait, stands tall and proud. He has a real nice square blocky build and head. His face has a soft expression that melts our heart. Love the color of his coat and it's soft silky shine. He has a gorgeous mane and beautiful feathers. 

Bowie loves to fetch but if he's playing with other dogs he loves the run and chase part but lets the other competitive dogs retrieve the ball. 

  • CLEAR on genetic and health testing

  • PENNhip, OFA prelim elbows normal, heart and eyes.





14 LBS 14" TALL 

Finding a gorgeous dark red mini poodle with a sweet loving temperament was no easy task. We wanted to make sure our mini poodle's pedigree was lined with multiple generations of beautiful, healthy, solid dark red poodles with wonderful and pleasing personalities. Red has exceeded all our expectations, he has a beautiful regal gait, his ears are long, tear dropped and densely feathered. He is so adorable and has a fantastic, gentle, playful temperament, loves to cuddle and is very outgoing. Red loves dogs, cats, and meeting new people of all ages. He entertains us all day long. He stands just under 14 inches and weights approx. 12 lbs and has a slim build.

Red produces large beautiful litters, his puppies are intelligent, sweet and have fun loving personalities. 

  • DNA certified with genetic coat color and trait certificate

  • OFA for hips, elbows, patellas, and eyes.

  • PRA clearances


fullsizerender (1).jpg





After months and months of research and waiting we are excited to introduce the most wonderful tri colored moyen poodle to sire our premier bernedoodle litters. Ziggy is everything we could have dreamed or hoped for. He comes from incredible lines of show poodles and therapy dogs. His breeder has skillfully cultivated an amazing line of poodles that not only look regal and exemplify the highest breed standards but are also wonderful caring loving companions. Ziggy is the full package. He is incredibly intelligent, loves people, greets everyone he meets with a happy wag of his tail and kisses. Ziggy is an excellent family dog, he loves his guardian family. He loves to play with his two young humans and their older boxer. Ziggy has gorgeous tri markings and his beautiful phantom eyebrows add to his fun loving personality. He is built perfectly square, well proportioned, elegant in appearance and carries himself proudly. Ziggy has a dense soft silky coat. Both his parents carry the genes for low shedding and furnishings. 

  • DNA certified with genetic coat color and trait certificate

  • OFA for hips, elbows, patellas, heart, and eyes.



 Fresh / frozen shipment options available.