64 LBS 22" TALL

Rosie is as sweet inside as she is beautiful outside.  She has the kindest eyes, and is adored by her 4 human siblings, her parents, and her many relatives who live close by. 


Her favorite things are cuddling in the morning with her 5 year old human sister and playing water fetch in one of the many nearby lakes.


Rosie is well proportioned in every way, from her slightly blocky nose to her fluffy golden coat.  She passed all of her health clearances with flying colors, earning the title “Unicorn of Golden Retrievers” from her eye doctor for her excellent eye health.


Rosie is extremely smart and obedient.  She learned to play fetch at just 8 weeks old, and she seems to understand everything her family says to her.  She is gentle and is quite a cuddler, and she loves to play and to be included as a member of the family.


63 LBS 21" TALL

Our lives have forever been changed since Reign joined our family. She is an outstanding wonderful companion and loves every person she meets. Reign radiates happiness and has a sweet personality. She is highly intelligent and picks up new commands with ease. She is athletic and has a strong muscular solid build. Her gait is free, smooth, well coordinated with correct reach and drive. One of the first things you will notice is Reign's beautiful gorgeous head, pleasing face and dark pigmented eyes.

 She is everything a golden should be!!!  

Reign comes from an extraordinary pedigree with many notable champions. Her pedigree has taken years to build and culminate, using only the finest breeding pairs. We are so grateful that we can continue through very careful and purposeful breeding practices her great heritage and legacy. 



64 LBS 22" TALL

A ray of sunshine, our beautiful Scarlett is pure sweetness. She loves spending time with her guardian family traveling to fun places and living in a warm climate during the winter.  Scarlett is very affectionate and will freely show her love and devotion. She is eager to please and loves to socialize with all animals and people.

Scarlett comes from long lines of diverse healthy and beautiful dark red show champions from various parts of the world. She has a sweet face, beautiful athletic slender build, dark pigmented eyes and a super easy silky soft wash and wear coat. Her gait is free, smooth and has correct reach and drive. Her sweet personality and excellent temperament is exactly what you want and expect from a golden.


65 LBS 22" TALL

We love Sunny's pedigree. Her mother comes from amazing lines of strong, solid, beautiful, regal goldens. Her father a magnificent sire, is unlike any golden you will ever meet. His incredible solid build is something to behold. He has an amazing blocky head, straight thick coat and is an excellent representation of what a strong golden retriever should be both in physical composition and in personality. 

Sunny is a beautiful combination of both her mother and father and we are so excited to have her in our breeding program. Her desire to please is something that characterizes her entire personality. She loves people and affection. Her favorite place to be is right by your side. She is an amazing blend of tenderness and spirit and has the most wonderful canine soul. 



60 LBS 23" TALL

Lhotse, is a true gem and the world’s sweetest dog. She loves people and lives for human interaction. 
Anyone who meets her goes on and on about how beautiful, well behaved and sweet she is. She spends her days playing with her human 1 yr old sister and 3 yr old brother who adore her! She is so patient with the baby who will “inspect” her eyes and all of her teeth, steal toys from her mouth and crawl all over her. Lhotse and her 1yr old sister follow each other around all day and sit right on one another because they want to be right with their best buddy. She loves to go on walks and hikes with her family, play fetch, and do tricks. Her family loves her so much and can’t imagine life without her!



60 LBS 22" TALL


Sophie is a perfect mix of sweet and playful. She loves playing fetch and carries her tennis ball around, always looking for a playmate. She loves running along side her dad while he's riding his skateboard and stays right next to him without a leash. 

She's awesome around little children, letting them snuggle and lay on top of her. She enjoys watching cartoons with animals and gets really excited when she sees another golden retriever. Her favorite is Doug from UP. She stands up to the TV wagging her tail as fast as she can. 

She gets along well with other animals and is always trying to play with the cat. 

Her sweet temperament makes her very easy to love. 



24 LBS 16" TALL



Patience, a sweet, fun loving, beautiful, smart goldendoodle. She is the daughter of Jade x Red.


Patience has been the perfect "resident dog" and lives full time at an alcohol addiction treatment facility. She bonds easily and instantly with residents, who adore her. The minute a new resident walks through the door, Patience is there to happily greet them. She lives a fun carefree life and has free reign to explore the facility and the expansive mountainous property. She helps the residents adjust to life in the facility by showing them lots of love and acceptance. She becomes an instant favorite to all who come to visit. 

We are so proud of Patience and know that she is making a huge impact in many lives. 

The facility is excited for Patience to be a future momma and are excited that others will have the opportunity to have a pup with the wonderful traits Patience has. 




88 LBS 24" TALL

Most loving, kind, affectionate and loyal friend, Uintah is a stunning Bernese Mountain dog. She has a beautiful strong solid build, wonderful striking markings and comes from a long pedigree of healthy lines. One of the most wonderful things we love about Uintah is her gentle nature. She comforts those around her with her big soft paws and knows just when we need her most. She loves to lay on the floor next to the piano bench and listens quietly as music is played. Her pedigree is full of European champions and grand champions. 


83 LBS 24" TALL

Matilda, is very much like "Nana" from Peter Pan. She loves to care and tend to her family. She is sweet, nurturing and very sensitive to everyone's needs, if someone is sad or needing extra love Uintah is by their side. She is always happy, loves to go on car rides and is the best friend we could ever asked for. She is a striking beauty and gets compliments everywhere she goes. She has a beautiful strong build, soft thick coat, is smart, well trained and fiercely obedient.