Over the years we have carefully cultivated an exceptional breeding program that represents countries from all over the world. Our dogs have highly exceptional pedigrees that exemplify decades of devoted diligent breeding practices.

Besides the magnificent pedigrees in order to qualify as breeding eligible our dogs must have wonderful happy friendly loving temperaments. They are some of our most loyal friends and life companions. ​

  • Sunnyside dogs are intelligent, confident, easy to train and eager to please. They excel in their obedience courses and have been known to be some of the youngest smartest advanced trained obedient dogs. 

  • Excellent health, peak physical structure and beautiful temperaments are the ESSENTIAL building blocks to our breeding program.

  • Our dogs come from genetically tested pedigrees and are screened for inherited diseases.

  • Each breeding is mindfully planned and perfectly paired to enhance the various characteristic traits and qualities we are looking for in our future puppies.  We uphold the highest standards of breeding practices and spend countless hours, researching, preparing and planning each litter. 

  • We love each and every one of our breeding dogs and want them all to have the absolute best life ever. In order for us to provide this, some of our breeding dogs live in guardian homes where they receive the time, individual attention and love they deserve.